About my photography

I am specialized in women portraits and offer photo shoots, to capture your beauty and uniqueness in a dreamy style.
photoshopped woman portrait, Swedish photographer
Julia Art Azoren Photoshop red fabric

What's different in my photography?

Maybe you don't expect this now... but I have to admit, I'm a very introverted and shy person, who hates being photographed by other people... (because of this I learned to take good self-portraits ;) 

This is why, I understand you, if you don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. I promise you, to make you forget about it and feel confident and relaxed in our photo shoot. 

I also like painting, jewelry making, decorating, web and print design - my creativity is my superpower and we can use it to make the best experience for you and create amazing portraits of a beautiful woman - YOU! 

I like painting on canvas and on the walls

I like painting on canvas and on the walls!

I make jewelry and small decorations, like this box!

Room design by Julia Art

And those round planet canvas are also a part of my room design!

Who should book a photo session with me?

WOMEN. Any age, any type... You should like this style of my photography - dreamy, soft, sensitive, colorful, personal, emotional. Doesn't matter, if you have experience in front of a camera or not, we will figure out the best poses and outfits for you together.

Julia Art swedish photographer
Julia Art swedish photographer
Julia Art swedish photographer

Who should look for another photographer?

Once in 5 years I do a shooting with a man... But seriously, you will have better posing advice from other photographers, if you don't wish feminine portraits :)

Also I don't shoot portraits for your CV or similar photos in a studio. Most of my shootings are outdoor.

My photographer story and personal background

I love traveling around the world on my own and I've been in many European countries, like Spain, France and Italy. A lot of my holidays ( 12 weeks a year) I spent in South East Asia, especially in Thailand and Indonesia.

Because I was most of the time alone and to shy to ask people to take a photo of me... I learned to take self-portraits. As I posted them on social media, women started to ask me, to take photos of them too... 

I started with TFP-shootings (time for print) in Munich, Germany in 2013 and learned a lot from books, workshops, online courses and practicing with my TFP-models.

Since my childhood I loved being creative and I developed different abilities, like painting, designing and creating fantasy worlds in my photography. I read a lot astronomy (scientific) books about other galaxies and stars, so fantastic and surreal worlds are fascinating me and inspire my work. 

One day people started to ask me for paid photo shoots - that's how I started my business as photographer and creative multi-talent in general. 

If you want to know, if I studied something - I did. Mathematics and Art at the Würzburg University to become a teacher on middle-schools in Germany.

Moving to Sweden - to be your new photographer!

Soon I will be in Sweden and want to continue my creative work.

On my 2 weeks journey to Sweden in June 2020 I saw many beautiful woman, I would love to create special and unique portraits for. 

Maybe this will be you?

Send me an email ... or say "Hej!" on Instagram @_mybestfoto.com_

What do you wish in your photo shoot?

So, that you know now almost everything about me, tell me something about you! 

Write me an email ...  or call me ... and tell me, what kind of shooting would be your dream session and what is important for you.

Julia Art Selfportrait, Photographer Sweden, women portraits
Julia Art Selfportrait, Photographer Sweden, women portraits
Julia Art Selfportrait Sweden Photographer

Which feelings do you want to show and cause in other people? Do you have a special milestone in your life oder do you want to give your special portraits to someone special as a present?

Do you want to feel like a princess for one day and get amazing and unique portraits with gorgeous dresses and beautiful flowers?

Maybe you need good professional looking portraits for your website and social media and my dreamy style fits to your business. Good personal portraits make your customers trust and like you and your products and services much more!

Whatever the case is, don't hesitate to contact me and ask questions, we will find the right ideas for your great photo shoot!

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